Recovery Month

Ballymun Recovery Month

Ballymun Recovery was born out of the idea that recovery is a possibility for everyone. Ballymun has a strong recovery community and we wanted to celebrate this and also increase the visibility of recovery in Ballymun, challenge the stigma of addiction and highlight available recovery options.

Recovery 2022

E-Book : Ballymun Recovery Stories 2

Building on our first edition of Ballymun Recovery Stories: Personal Journeys of Drug & Alcohol Recovery in 2021, we are delighted to share a second edition of the book ‘Ballymun Recovery Stories 2’. The call for a second edition has arisen from the positive and empowering impact of the first volume and once again, we have been gifted with inspiring and powerful stories of recovery. The opportunity to produce and publish a second edition symbolises the ever-growing occurrence, experience and visibility of recovery in Ballymun. Each year, the month of September marks ‘Recovery Month’, a celebration of recovery, and promotes the idea that recovery is possible, not just for some but for everyone. We hope this book also reinforces the idea that recovery is possible, available and happening all year round.

Ballymun Recovery Podcast

Join us each Sunday for a new podcast celebrating Recovery in Ballymun and challenging the stigma of addiction and highlighting available recovery options here in the Ballymun. Your host Jimmy Bell chats to different service in community to help recovery.

Check it out below:

New episode

Ballymun Recovery Stories final podcast of 2022.
Jimmy sends a Christmas and New year message of hope and good wishes plus 3 new Ballymun Recovery Stories.
This week’s Ballymun Recovery podcast host Jimmy Bell explores the complex issue of Addiction and
Trauma as well as the concept of recovery with former local resident and practitioner Daryl Mahon
who has worked across the health and social care sector for over a decade, as a therapist and social
care worker. Currently, he works as a researcher in health and social care with a focus on service
reform in complex systems,  as well as lecturing in Health and Social Care. The podcast ends with a
short recovery story from the book Ballymun Recovery stories
This week’s podcast is the final podcast for Recovery Month, and the theme is recovery is for everyone: the individual, the family, the community and the young people. The guests this week are Mark Davis (Easy Street) Paul Brown (Ballymun Child & Family Resource Centre) Linda McDermot (Ballymun Family Support Services) and Angie Birch (Easy Street / Star). This podcast also contains a Recovery Story.
Week 3 we feature Dr Laura O’Reilly (Urrus), Dave Fennell (Star Project), Father Peter Mc Verry (McVerry Trust)
Peter is also a Ballymun Resident who also works at providing recovery options and interventions among other things.
This week’s conversations are centred around current drug issues in the local community with a focus on crack cocaine use in Ballymun. On the one hand we have a growing recovery movement in Ballymun, which is quite visible especially in Recovery month and on the other hand we have a persistent drug use issue which is also quite visible in the ballymun community. We know this drug issue can have a negative impact and massive consequences on the individualuser, the family, and the community. Some people would say that the current drug problems and impacts, especially the widespread use of crack cocaine are more serious than what happened in the heroin epidemic. We discuss this idea.

Week 2 we are talking about services with Hugh Greaves from the Ballymun Local Drugs & Alcohol Task Force and Karl O’Brien from Ballymun Youth Action Project.
This weeks episode is about how Drug services have evolved over time. We talked with a local Drug service provider about how they support the community and the individual, how services developed using a needs basis approach, to fill gaps in service provision.
We also chatted with our longest formed Drug service BYAP about how they work with clients and the level of support people can need when accessing a recovery intervention.
We also talked about some of the successes and programs that have been provided for people in our community over a long period of time.
Highlighting recovery options is a key message that recovery month aims to achieve during the month of September. This weeks podcast provides the listener with a wide variety of recovery options that aim to highlight specific recovery options available.

Week 1 we are asking guests what recovery means to them.
Two ballymun locals Ray smith and Lisa McCarthy share their story and journey of recovery and discuss in detail what recovery means to them. Some of the star project staff and services users also answer the question of what recovery means to them. Also each week we share 2 recovery stories. Ballymun Recovery stories is a collection of very different individual stories showing how locals became addicted, their personal struggles, and how they reached recovery. Anybody wanting a deeper understanding of addiction these stories carry a powerful message of addiction, recovery, hope and inspiration!
Ballymun Does Recovery Podcast. Part 1 features Róisín Byrne and Marie Lawless from the Ballymun Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force, hosted by Jimmy Bell.

Recovery 2021

Recovery Stories

Ballymun Recovery stories is a collection of thirteen very different stories showing how they became addicted, their personal struggles, and how they reached recovery. It is a must-read for those wanting a deeper understanding of addiction and those in the throes of addiction as this book is full of hope and inspiration!

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