Ballymun Communications is a not for profit limited company coordinated and managed by a group of people with extensive experience and expertise in community development and media

Its aim is to work closely with other groups in the area to promote a more realistic and positive image of what is happening in the community; as well as to enhance the local skills base with a view to increasing employment opportunities.

Background to Ballymun Communications:

The organisation was founded in 1990 in response to the lack of communication services in the Ballymun area. There was little record of events that occurred in the community and all that was available were the “horror stories” in the national tv or press.

The organisation has successfully managed sixteen Community Employment Programmes and has developed a library of activities that occurred in the community during this time in both video and
photography. Seven people from our project are now employed in the national media.

We have archive material of various events including launches of programmes for the Ballymun Partnership, Local Drugs Task Force, The Job Centre, Ballymun Regeneration Ltd as well as the festivals in the area.

We also work with the community forums and youth groups giving them the skills in being able to make their own productions.

The stated objectives of Ballymun Communications are:

  • Give a positive view of Ballymun through the media of video and photography;
  • To prepare workers with the various skills required to work in this field.
  • To work towards the establishment of a fully-equipped media centre in Ballymun in the longer term.
  • To promote participative media as a community development tool in the Ballymun regenerative process.