Ballymun Does Recovery Podcast: Week1

This week we are asking guests what recovery means to them. Two ballymun locals Ray smith and Lisa McCarthy share their story and journey of recovery and discuss in detail what recovery means to them. Some of the star project staff and services users also answer the question of what recovery means to them. Also each week we share 2 recovery stories. Ballymun Recovery stories is a collection of very different individual stories showing how locals became addicted, their personal struggles, and how they reached recovery. Anybody wanting a deeper understanding of addiction these stories carry a powerful message of addiction, recovery, hope and inspiration Again big thank you to all the guest speakers, your time commitment and sharing is greatly appreciated. This would not happen without the support of Ballymun communications, BLDATF, Easystreet, the star project, ballymun recovery stirring committee and the Recovery planning group. Remember Recovery is possible 💜

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